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Our covers are up to 4" thick in the center, with up to 4 tie downs (lockable if requested) There is an aluminum channel that runs around the perimeter for added strength.  The cover adds an R Value of 13-15 to your church pool.  (saves money on your heating costs!)

 There is a 5 year limited manufacturer's warranty on your cover.


As always, refer to your manufacturer's warranty info regarding the use of covers or any add-on appliances.



Covers are custom made for each pool.  If you have a spigot coming thru the side flange, we will need to know exactly where it is to make the cover fit around it.



Baptistry Covers

Over the years, many churches have asked us if a cover was available for the fiberglass baptistry, steel baptistery or concrete pool.

To this point, none have been readily available, but we now are offering covers similar to covers found on spas or hot tubs, but for use on church baptistries.

Baptistries are normally heated before use.  Water comes from the ground at 54 degrees F and is too cold to enter.  Hypothermia will set in within a few moments if one is not careful.   The use of a good heater will enable the water temperature to get to 94 or 95 degrees where it will be quite comfy (remember your body temperature is 98-99 degrees).  Since there is usually not a top on the baptistry, however, the heater will tend to run continually causing your electric meter to run on and on.  It also will shorten the lifespan of heaters if they run continuously.  In addition the moisture produced can be harmful to your instruments or furniture. 

The answer, of course, is to offer a baptistry cover made to the same quality and specifications as spa covers.  Designed for long term use, these covers can be "locked down" with the straps to help prevent kids from falling in, and will keep excess moisture from entering the sanctuary area, piano, furniture and other wood items that don't need saturation.  Covers are custom made to fit your baptistry. 


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Pricing is based on a rectangular baptistry. If there is a front section that juts out at the window, there is no additional charge.



For pricing please give us a call at 540-484-4913 or Email us.



In addition to standard covers, we also offer "walk on" covers in case it may be necessary to literally walk on the cover to get to the other side.  They hold up to 440 lbs. While higher in price, these can be an advantage to some. They are made with a high density 4" foam with aluminum channels which is glued into the foam for added strength. Also includes a Permaliner vapor barrier.  Steam stopper seams prevent moisture vapor leaks.  Features a non-tapered 4" thick top with double stitching for the best quality. They run about double the price of standard covers. Each section weighs about 15-20 pounds. Call for a quote.



Call us at 540-484-4913


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If you baptistry is up to 102" long, the cover will come in 2 sections, joined together with a seam.

From 103 to 144, 3 sections.  From 145 or up, 4 sections.  Sections are seamed together and have handles for lifting.